Debra Schnabel out as the borough manager of Haines

    Haines, Alaska

    Haines, Alaska (KINY) - The Haines Borough Assembly has terminated the employment agreement between the Haines Borough and Debra Schnabel.

    According to a press release, the Assembly and Mayor made the decision based on "what was felt to be in the best interests of the citizens of the borough."

    The release said the decision to change managers was difficult and one on which different Assembly members had different views.

    "Relationships between a body of elected officials and the borough manager are human relationships with unique pressures and complexities," states the release. "The termination decision reflects the Assembly and Mayor’s conclusion that its relationship with the manager was broken and not capable of repair. The termination is without cause. The Assembly did not find Ms. Schnabel willfully failed to comply with Borough Charter or the Haines Borough Code or acted dishonestly or fraudulently in the course of her employment by the Borough."

    The Assembly and Mayor said they understand this decision will be divisive in large part because so many borough citizens hold Schnabel in high regard.

    "Having made a difficult decision, the Assembly and Mayor will move forward to address the significant challenges facing the Borough and its residents," stated the press release.

    The borough declined further comment on the matter.

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