Data shows that Juneau is the second most expensive city in Alaska for monthly expenses

    Provided by Doxoinsights

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - A report published by Doxoinsights, an app used to pay bills, Juneau is the second most expensive city in the state for monthly expenses

    The report, which can be viewed in full here, shows how Juneau compares to the nation with regard to a variety of monthly expenses. The average monthly payment in Juneau per household was found to be $2,492 dollars. This is $446 dollars or 21.8% higher than the national average of $2,046 per month.

    This means that Juneau residents are paying $5,352 dollars are year more than the national average.

    The bills included as part of the monthly payment calculations were: mortgage, rent, auto loans, utilities, auto insurance, mobile phones, cable and satellite, health insurance, life insurance, and alarms and security.

    Here are the Juneau averages for each of these categories from the report

    Mortgage: $1,925

    Rent: $1,329

    Auto Loan: $482

    Utilities: $381

    Auto Insurance: $260

    Health Insurance: $67

    Mobile Phone: $194

    Cable and Satellite: $119

    Life Insurance: $67

    Alarm and Security: $83

    The report showed that on average, Juneau residents pay slightly more or greater than the national average in all of these categories except, health insurance, life insurance, and security.

    The differences can come from a number of regional factors that are not at play in other parts of the country such as the number of unique challenges that come from living in Juneau with regard to housing and owning a vehicle.

    The most expensive city for the state according to the report was Eagle River was an average monthly payment total of $2,643

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