Committee of the Whole Works through Property Management Items

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - The Committee of the Whole met on Monday night to work through the Mining Ordinance, management of Centennial Hall, and the Hurlock Property.

    For the Mining Ordinance, that will next head to the Title 49 Committee for further review.

    As for Centennial Hall, we talked to City Manager Rorie Watt. He explained the main goals of the proposed change.

    “With managing Centennial Hall, it’s a one off facility and across the parking lot the Arts Council manages JACC and we have overlapping services. The idea is is that if we have the Arts Council manage both facilities, it will be easier for the public to book one or both facilities, easier for Travel Juneau to market both facilities together, and easier to work towards kind of uniform management approach. So it's generally looked at as a more efficient way to provide the facilities to the public and the users.”

    Watt also provided some history of both facilities.

    “Centennial Hall and the JACC are both city owned facilities. Centennial Hall was built in around 1980 with public funds as a convention center to try and bring the conventions and people to town, The JACC is a former Armory building and when it was conveyed to the city, or back to the city because I think we own it a long time ago as well, we made it available to the Arts Council to run as a culture center. The entire property over there is city property and the idea is that we would have one campus manager.”

    Watt admitted that the idea wasn't new with the goal being to better serving the community.

    With the Hurlock Property, it was moved to start the process of selling it to Alaska Legacy Partners LLC for the development of Senior Housing. We talked to Garrett Schoenberger (shown-burger) who is a managing member. He explained their goals with the property.

    “The vision has always been to meet an existing demand of senior housing in Juneau and it's been a need for a very long time in this community. We've had some great people try to step up and help out, like Sioux Douglas who's continuing to work in her own efforts. but we felt that this was a great opportunity to take advantage of an existing facility where we could retrofit it and kind of plug right in and at least meet a minimum demand.”

    “We're proposing a 16 to 18 bed assisted living facility and we feel like that's a great start and hopefully this is the next step in accomplishing that goal.”

    Schoenberger also explained the financial side that would be worked through with the city.

    “CBJ would sell the property to us and seller finance it, so we would take title to the property, they would just be financing it for us.”

    Of course, the purchase still has to go through the full Assembly, but Schoenberger says that their estimated timeline is still reasonable.

    “As soon as we close on the property, we would begin any licensing and permitting needed and we believe that our time line that we provided, which was to be open by February 1st 2019, is a very realistic timeline.”

    The Committee of the Whole lastly discussed ways that the city can be proactive in their recycling efforts. It was stated during the meeting that on the current path, waste would continue to cause problems. Something must be done, but it may take some time and several programs to affect things. Right now, it was recommended that citizens be conscious of how much waste they're putting out and to recycle where they can. There are also a few groups throughout the city working on educating ways people can better manage their waste.



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