Commission finds Violations by Two Groups backing Dunleavy

    JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — The Alaska Public Offices Commission has found that two groups supporting Mike Dunleavy for governor violated campaign finance laws.

    The commission Friday assessed penalties of $4,450 each against the Republican Governors Association and Families for Alaska's Future-Dunleavy. The commission said it could revisit the penalty amounts.

    Gov. Bill Walker's campaign alleged the RGA had set up Families for Alaska's Future-Dunleavy, in part, to shield its donors from public disclosure.

    The commission found the groups, in reserving ad time, violated a prohibition on making expenditures without first registering with the commission.

    The commission also found that Families for Alaska's Future-Dunleavy failed to file accurate reports related to the reserved ad time.

    An attorney for the groups, Stacey Stone, noted the commission wasn't unanimous in its decision.

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