Coast Guard and Other Agencies start Simulation in Auke Bay

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - The Coast Guard have teamed up with JPD and other agencies to practice reacting to a threat aboard a boat. The simulation in Auke Bay has begun.

    With assistance from an Allen Marine vessel, about 30 community members agreed to role-play for the exercise, giving emergency responders the opportunity to practice working together.

    We talked to Britany McKibben, a Marine Scientist with the Coast Guard, who helped organize and coordinate some of the training. We asked her about the importance of putting it all together.

    “The bottom line upfront is that we are making Juneau a safer community and that's fantastic and we're getting all of these responders from multiple agencies together and working together learning how to coordinate. I'm really happy to be a part of that.”

    Community involvement also came into play for the exercise. McKibben explained their importance to the training.

    “We were able to get 30 volunteers from the community out and I just could not thank them enough; it is fantastic. It helps out our law enforcement team so much to actually have real passengers to simulate” these situations.

    Because of the level of planning and coordination that goes into it, exercises like this are a rare opportunity.

    “The planning process has been over a year in the making. This plan, as with many of our contingency plans, are kind of on a five-year cycle and a full-scale exercise like this will come about every 5 years or so.”

    The Coast Guard and others boarded a vessel in Auke Bay earlier this morning for the exercise. A list of other agencies involved can be found on our previous article.


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