City Manager on Fireworks: "Use the good part of your brain... the common sense part."

    JUNEAU, Alaska (KINY) - City Manager Rorie Watt is encouraging residents to obey the law when they set up fireworks to celebrate the nation's anniversary of independence.

    "Use the good part of your brain," Watt began. "That's the common sense part of your brain. Say, your neighbor doesn't like fireworks, what if that was your aunt and uncle? How would you treat them? If they weren't very keen on fireworks and lived down the block, how would you behave in a respectful manner. Try not to push the limit. Use the good neighbor policy, because when the good neighbor policy doesn't work, then your government gets dragged in and then we're trying to create more rules and everybody's upset. Just use your common sense."

    The Assembly began to work up guidelines, but they ultimately decided to go with the noise ordinance that was already in place.

    "We just went with the noise ordinance, and the Assembly decided to just sort of monitor that. It seemed to work pretty well over New Year's. Of course, we know July 3rd and 4th are hot days and there won't be more activity, but we're looking to people to use their common sense and neighborly respect."

    Mayor Ken Koelsch also weighed in on the issue recently, adding, "Be responsible and cognizant of your neighbors. Enjoy the 4th in a respectful, responsible way."

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