Chief of police delivers his swan song on Action Line

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Outgoing Juneau Police Chief Bryce Johnson talked about high points and low points during his swan song on Action Line Wednesday.

    When asked about high points of his four years on the job, the chief deferred any credit to his officers and staff, but took full credit for Rorie Watt becoming city manager.

    "I'm going to take full credit for talking him in to applying, " the chief said.  Watt did not submit an application during the initial recruitment period.  The chief said he's really enjoyed working with the manager.  "He's a leader in all the best meanings of that word."

    A low point for Johnson  is Juneau's increasing rate of crime over the last couple of years. The  chief said that is frustrating.

    He was asked what additional resources the department may need to combat the rising crime rate. There's more work than the current staff size was designed to handle since their caseload has about doubled, he said.   "That's a challenge and if it stays there, they're going to need to add officers and add employees because that work load can't be sustained long term.

    Chief Johnson is headed to Idaho Falls, Idaho, to be the police chief there.  His last day on the job will be July 28.  Deputy Chief Ed Mercer will replace Johnson as chief.


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