Chief Medical Officer answers questions from Juneau

    Dr. Anne Zink (center) during a recent COVID-19 press conference.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Dr. Anne Zink said there is likely COVID-19 still in Juneau but outdoors activities are fine provided we practice social distancing.

    Assemblymember Michelle Bonnet Hale said over 20% of the population is over 60 years old.  She noted adding immune deficiency adds another 10% of the population.  She said she worries that senior citizens can't live their lives to the fullest due to health concerns.

    She suggested that having senior-only hours at pools could help seniors.

    CBJ officials said they don't plan to reopen Augustus Brown due to repairs and a major renovation being considered.

    The Dimond Park pool is currently in a deep cleaning mode and won't be operational until June 1.

    Dr. Zink said there is no plan to lift the travel ban entirely next week.

    Dr. Zink said while Alaska has been lucky with controlling COVID-19, we still need to be mindful of the threat and take precautions.

    "Just because we are opening up doesn't mean we are giving up, we have no tolerance for any of these cases," she added.

    Dr. Zink said experts suggest two incubation periods before declaring a community is free of a disease.  That would equate to 28 days.

    She said most of the early cases in March in Alaska were possibly due to cargo workers and travelers like students coming back from spring break.



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