Update: CBJ says don't fret if you get too many ballots in the mail

    A set of five CBJ ballots sent to a household of one in Juneau this week.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The City and Borough of Juneau is reacting to news that some voters are receiving excess ballots in the mail.

    Many Juneau voters have started receiving their official ballot for the City and Borough of Juneau’s Oct. 6 by-mail Municipal Election.

    But, according to city officials, there’s a chance you may have also received a ballot package addressed to a former resident at your mailing address or someone who’s not presently a resident of your household.

    If this happens, mark it as “Return to Sender – not at this address” and then return it to the post office, put it back in your mailbox for the mail carrier to pick up, or bring it to a Juneau Vote Center at City Hall or the Valley Library starting Sept. 21.

    News of the North discovered, on Friday, at least two households had received excess ballots. One case saw a two-person household receive three, while a one-person household received five.

    If you've received multiple ballots at your mailing address for voters not living there, we want to know about it. Email us at news@abcstations.com.

    Ballots for CBJ’s election were mailed to all registered voters in Juneau at the mailing address listed in the State of Alaska Division on Elections voter registration database as of the registration deadline of Sept. 6. The individual associated with the extra ballot you received hasn’t updated their voter registration or hasn’t requested to be removed from the voter roll.

    Ballots marked “Return to Sender – not at this address” will eventually go to the Alaska Division on Elections for additional processing.

    Ballot envelopes are assigned a unique barcode for each individual voter. Upon return, only one ballot envelope from any voter is accepted – the first one in. Others are rejected.

    Voting more than once in the same election, with the intent that your vote is counted more than once, is a felony under Alaska law.


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