CBJ delays vote on Mendenhall River project

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) 26 property owners would be impacted by an over $11.4 million bank stabilization project on the river.

    The CBJ Assembly put off until May 14th a decision on a local improvement district to stabilize the banks along the Mendenhall River.  Each of the 26 property owners would pay $80,000.

    The Assembly had only 7 of 9 members present last night and they voted to delay so all nine could vote.

    Resident Tracy Heaton argues she can't sell her home in the future without some kind of bank stabilization

    City Manager Rory Watt recommended the CBJ not go forward with the improvement district.  He said it would be of considerablecost to homeowners, "Forcing an unwilling owner to pay this much money, however well financed, would be a life changing financial event."

    Many residents objected to the costs of the project and argued it would not greatly increase the value of their property.

    Approximately 75 percent of the costs would be paid for through other governments and the CBJ portion would be 3 million.

    Residents would have to pay over 2 million combined.

    Watt says of the 26 property owners surveyed, 9 support the project, 9 oppose, and 8 haven't commented.

    In other actions at the meeting

    The Mayor proclaimed Public Service recognition week for May 6th through the 12th.

    The assembly introduced an ordinance to lease the Eagle Valley Center Ropes Challenge Course near Amalga harbor
    to South East Alaska Independent living.

    They approved a $1 point 25 million dollar bid with Admiralty Construction to improve birch Lane pavement and its drainage.

    They approved a bid of $115,000 to Trucano Construction for repairs to Taku Harbor.

    They approved $112,5000 for Take Harbor repairs through a grant from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

    They spend $75,000 to lease the Juneau subport parking lot to handle a need for more downtown parking.

    The Assembly also extended through June 30 of next year the CBJ Aquatics Board and reappointed all its members for another year.


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