CBJ continues to rebound from pandemic

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau remains in a state of disease containment, CBJ Incident Commander Mila Cosgrove said.

    Juneau is testing more people as they get ready for certain medical procedures.

    26 of the 27 Juneau patients have recovered.  Juneau has averaged 32 tests per day over the past week.

    The last Juneau case was diagnosed on April 14.

    Alaska Airlines will have nine flights per day to Juneau starting June 1.  Delta Airlines plans one flight per day beginning June 2.

    The mobile testing center has supplies to test 40-50 people each day.   Private providers can also run tests at local facilities.

    Cosgrove said about half of the tests in Juneau are being done by the CBJ.

    "There is more testing capacity in town than we are currently using," she added.

    Hospital Administrator Chuck Bill said they would like to do more rapid testing.  He noted they have been given no assurances that they will receive more kits.

    "We have 70 test kits and we don't know when we will get more.  That is a limited supply and that is why we are holding them for people undergoing surgery," he added.

    Assemblymember Rob Edwardson said he doubted Juneau had enough testing capacity if there is a rapid increase in the number of cases.

    "50 cases is not near enough," Bill said, "That 50 per day will be overwhelmed.  We have the capacity to do substantially more testing but those are 48 to 72-hour turn around times.  If you are talking about testing everyone that comes in on an airplane, you are still asking them to quarantine for three days when they come here."

    Assemblymember Loren Jones said the CBJ does not have the power to require every person that comes to Juneau to be tested.

    CBJ Attorney Robert Palmer said if Juneau has facts that someone has COVID-19 and is refusing to quarantine they can petition the state medical officer to get a hearing before a judge and force a test.

    Assemblymember Michelle Bonnet-Hale said the travel guidelines could be changed on May 18 and she suggested the assembly discuss the travel regulations before then.






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