CBJ Assembly welcomes new compost facility and food vendors

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Five ordinances were approved and five new ordinances were introduced at the regular meeting of the CBJ Assembly tonight.

    Most of the agenda went smoothly with little debate.  Issues included city investments, downtown food vendors, a new compost facility and improvements to a facility to fight the local drug problem.

    The Assembly approved an ordinance to amend the public finance code related to investments and collateral.  This would direct the Finance Director to implement investment code, requires an independent third party custodian to control investment securities, and prioritizes the investment objectives.  The code change would also set up rules for investment of long term and endowment funds managed by the CBJ.

    The Assembly approved an ordinance to lease up to one acre near Anka Street and the South Lemon Creek Material Source to Juneau Composts for a composting facility.  The lease would last five years and the CBJ would collect $200 per month per quarter acre.

    The Assembly approved an ordinance to lease property at Gunakadeit Park (Pocket Park) near 139 S. Franklin Street.  Franklin Foods, LLC plans to use the leased land for outdoor food sales with portable restrooms and a seating area.  The Planning Commission recommended a one year lease of the property.  The lease rate will be $3,250 per month from May through September, and $1,000 per month for the remainder of the year.  Dave McCasland reported he has leased adjacent land and plans to have up to five food vendors on the site this summer.

    The Assembly approved a resolution to allow alcohol in Gunakadeit Park.  Franklin Foods LLC plans to sell beer and wine.  They will be responsible for controlling where alcohol is consumed and responsible for maintaining the park.

    The removal of the alcohol prohibition will only for the duration of the lease on the property.

    The Assembly also approved an ordinance to take $600,000 from the Bartlett Regional Hospital fund balance to help pay for the Rainforest Recovery Center Detox addition.  The total cost of construction is $3.1 million.  Construction is expected to start this spring.  The project includes the demolition of 2,400 square feet of the west wing of the existing facility and construction of 4,400 square feet of new space.  It will include a four patient detox suite, an ADA compliant main entry, a waiting area, an addiction assessment area, and five administrative staff offices.  The project will also include roof replacement for the entire facility and a new power supply from the Bartlett Regional Hospital main electrical room.  Officials said the project will allow detox and addiction treatment to be removed from BRH and integrated adjacent to the Rainforest Recovery Center residential care program.  They said it will create a coordinated full continuum of addiction care in a single facility.

    The Assembly approved an ordinance to provide an increase of $122,714 to the Juneau Board of Education due to higher than anticipated student enrollment this year.  The district received a total of $536,284 from the state.  The Assembly earlier approved an additional $140,000 to help fund Kinder Ready.

    The Assembly introduced an ordinance to impose a moratorium on the commercial rental of dockless vehicles like scooters.  They want time to develop reasonable regulations for the vehicles.  They also introduced an ordinance to sell 600 square feet of property at 9223 North Douglas Highway to Thomas Daugherty for $2,400.  Another ordinance introduced would allow the CBJ to sell four lots near 16550 Ocean View Drive and 16550 Pt. Lena Loop Road.  The estimated value of the four lots totals $385,000. 

    Also introduced was an ordinance to authorize the manager to spend $800,000 to upgrade the core Land Management and Revenue Enterprise software system.  They plan to enter into a four-year lease with Key Bank and spend $200,000 each year.

    The introduced ordinances will be the subject of public hearings at the next Assembly meeting.

    The Assembly approved a budget transfer of $100,000 to help pay for the downtown wayfinding and interpretive signs project.  Another transfer of $130,000 will help fund the installation of waterfront signage to help guide cruise ship passengers along the waterfront and into downtown.

    Mayor Weldon also read a certificate of appreciation from the US Forest Service for the CBJ for the support the community showed during the partial federal government shutdown.

    The Assembly also agreed to hear an appeal from the Mountainside Estates Homeowners Association as they challenge a planning commission decision to approve a major subdivision of 12 single family lots and a large tract.  A hearing officer will hear the appeal.

    The Assembly approved applications for tax exemptions for Alaska Glacier Seafood, Inc and AKBEV Group, LLC, the Alaska Brewery.   The export manufacturing property tax exemption would last for five years.  The total property value requested for exemptions this year totals $858,630 and a property tax loss of $9,181.

    In the staff report, the Senate Finance Committee approved Senate Bill 16 that would allow the Eaglecrest Ski Area to sell alcohol.  It would also grandfather in the alcohol license for Taku Lanes.

    Mayor Weldon also honored the Ketchikan Kings boys basketball team that won the state championship.

    A small ceremony will be held Thursday at 6:30 am at the ferry terminal for the Fairweather ferry as it goes out of service.

    Vice Mayor Maria Gladziszewski said Team Juneau won 13 medals at the Alaska Native Youth Olympics.  Eaglecrest Ski area ended the season on Sunday with the Slush Festival.

    Assembly member Loren Jones said he expects a final report from the child care committee on April 5.  He invited the public to attend a meeting on the Amalga Harbor improvement project on Tuesday at 6 pm.  It will be held at the Mendenhall Valley Library.  Assembly member Alicia Hughes-Skandijs has agreed to serve as liaison to the Downtown Business Association.

    The Alaska Municipal League plans to return to Juneau on May 8-9.  The board meeting is scheduled for May 9. 



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