CBJ Assembly has long agenda

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Transportation, land sales, and ownership of a parking lot were among the many agenda items addressed by the CBJ Assembly.

    The regulation would reduce Class C certificates for human powered vehicles to from an annual certification to a six month summer certificate.  The cost of the certificate will be reduced from $1,500 to $750.  Any permits fee paid prior to the regulation taking effect April 30, will be reimbursed to the new rate.

    The Assembly voted to approve an ordinance that imposes a moratorium on permits for commercial rental or dock-less vehicles.  Scooters and e-bikes have become a growing management and policy concern in the lower 48.  They are often left on the sidewalk and are not well designed for uneven surfaces that can result in riders being thrown off and injured.  The ordinance will give the CBJ time to develop reasonable regulations.  The ordinance automatically sunsets on February 1, 2020.

    The Assembly also approved to sell four lots at the South Lena subdivision at 16550 Ocean View Drive and 16550 Pt. Lena Loop Road.  The property value was appraised at between $90,000 and $100,000.  Sealed bids on the property will be accepted until July 12.  For more information you can contact the Lands and Resources web page or by calling 586-5252.

    The Assembly approved a resolution to enter into an agreement with the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities to take ownership of the Brotherhood Bridge parking lot.  The agreement calls for the CBJ to take ownership in exchange for maintaining the parking lot for the next 20 years.

    The Assembly approved various budget transfers that include $35,000 from the parks deferred building maintenance capital improvement project to the Centennial Hall renovation.  The CBJ will study the long range facility needs, improve the marketability of the building, develop a conceptual plan for desired improvements, and develop a cost estimate for a capital improvement project.  Another transfer of $300,000 will fund the Marie Drake School fan replacement & heating ventilation and air conditioning upgrades project.  $675,000 will be transferred from the airport revolving capital improvement project to pay for design and construction of the airport terminal expansion.  $83,754 will be transferred from sales tax revenue to fund the Under Thunder Trail project.  It will extend the trail to Glacier Highway.

    The Assembly introduced and set a public hearing on several proposed ordinances.  One would appropriate $1.15 million to fund various capital improvement projects at the Juneau International Airport.  The list includes rehabilitation of a runway for $713,745, terminal reconstruction $214,634, work on taxiway A, E, and D-1 $200,000, and construction of a sand, chemical, and fuel facility $21,988.

    Another ordinance would allocate $190,643 to Juneau Police from the State of Alaska, Department of Public Safety.  The money will be used to pay for a 3D scanner, supporting equipment, software and training, and a thermal imager.  The 3D scanner is a tool that accurately maps complex crime scenes and locations and significantly decreases investigation time.  It also increases the accuracy of forensic data collected.  The thermal imager is used at night or in dark locations to locate suspects or people who are unable to verbally respond.

    Another ordinance would transfer $35,000 from the Docks and Harbors fund balance for construction of a new visitor information kiosk.

    The final ordinance introduced would help pay for unexpected higher operational costs of the junk vehicle disposal program.  $100,000 will be spent on the program.  Vehicles surrendered for fiscal year 2019 were 84 percent higher than last year.  $75,000 will be set aside to fund the recycling program which has seen a decline in revenue of that amount due to lower costs and demand for recyclable materials.

    These ordinances will be the subject of public hearings at the next Assembly meeting.

    In other actions;

    Mayor Weldon issued a proclamation for Children's Day on April 30.

    The Assembly approved a lease amendment with William Heumann for outdoor food service near 432 South Franklin Street at People's Wharf.  The CBJ will lease an additional 305 square feet.  The area has been used for the past two years for various tasks for Tracy's King Crab Shack.  Assembly member Mary Becker objected to the length of the lease.  The original lease was approved in 2006 and was for 35 years.  Rates for the lease will be reviewed every five years.  The current lease rate is $6,405 per year.

    The Assembly approved $800,000 in funding for lease payments over four years for an upgrade to the CBJ land management and revenue enterprise system.  The CBJ plans to enter into a four-year lease with Key Bank.  Sales tax revenues will pay for the upgrades to the CBJ technology infrastructure.  Once the CBJ pays off the vendor they will own the software.  The total cost is between $900,000 and $1.08 million.

    The Assembly also voted to work with the Sandbar, Inc. on a payment plan to pay the 2018 real property tax and utility billing owed.  If the bills are not paid in full by Monday, April 29, they will protest renewal of the business liquor license before the Alcohol Control Board.




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