Catholic Community Services talks fall events and ways to help

    Erin Youngstrom on Capital Chat.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Catholic Community Services talked on Capital Chat with Dano on Wednesday about their different divisions, volunteer and job opportunities.

    Erin Youngstrom, the Fund Development and Outreach Coordinator at Catholic Community Services, talked about their different divisions.

    "So Catholic Community Services is made of three divisions. We have Hospice and Home Care, we have Southeast Senior Services and then we have the SAFE Child Advocacy Center and between those three divisions, we have about 27 different programs."

    Youngstrom summarized their most recent event.

    "Recently the SAFE Child Advocacy Center had family day at the park and that was on July 30th. At the Dimond Park ball field and it was such a wonderful event. I want to say thank you. And the whole staff wants to say thank you to Juneau for coming out. We think that we had about 200 people come throughout the entire day, say hello to our vendors, and then also played some field games. Kickball in particular was a huge smash with the kids and then the bouncy house as well. So I want to say thank you to our booth hosts that we had, the dedication that they put into preparing materials, preparing obstacle courses, or other games like matching with duck with our Rotary Club. It really made the event such a smash and really happy to report that that event was a success."

    She expanded on SAFE Child Advocacy Center's mission.

    "For a reminder for folks what the SAFE Child Advocacy does with these particular family days and kid-friendly events, we're trying to promote positive childhood experiences. And the SAFE Child Advocacy Center is working to prevent child abuse by creating positive childhood experiences and providing experiences that a parent can bond with their child is proven to fight against potential child abuse. And so that's why we're having these events. The SAFE Child Advocacy Center partners with local organizations such as the troopers, police, and AWARE, the tribes. We all work together as a part of a multidisciplinary team to help investigate suspected cases of child abuse. So we're one member of a bigger team in the community, but our role is incredibly important."

    The SAFE Child Advocacy Center is planning fall events.

    Light Up A Life will be starting in November and there will also be a senior nutrition appeal which is a fundraiser for the Juneau senior center.

    As of Thursday, Youngstrom headed out to the Klawock Senior Center.

    "I'm excited to see more of the work SAFE Child Advocacy Center outside rather than just in Juneau. This is one of our 11 senior centers."

    Youngstrom wanted to emphasize their services expand beyond Juneau.

    "Even outside of Southeast Senior Services. The SAFE Child Advocacy Center, we do serve all of Southeast with that division as well. So we are a regional nonprofit and not just a Juneau one."

    The senior center is now fully staffed but they are still looking for Meals on Wheels volunteers, and several other positions.

    "Recruiting is going well. We have a couple of positions at Hospice and Home Care that are open and in Southeast Senior Services. In the Juneau hub but also some of our remote locations. So if you are interested in working with seniors or if you're interested working with the community, go to"

    Youngstrom added flexibility is available for Meals on Wheels volunteers.

    "We need drivers and we have a number of different routes available for Meals on Wheels drivers. If you want to stay just in the valley, that's totally doable. The timing is from 11:00 to 1:00. Some routes take an hour but some routes take an hour and a half. We can work with you whether it's once a week to once a month. Give us an email at or go to our website, And then on the homepage at the top, it says join us and there's a volunteer button underneath that."

    Youngstrom also talked about other ways to help like donating.

    "So if you are interested in donating, you can go to our website And there's a big donate button right at front. And we really truly appreciate the support from our longtime donors, but really anyone that is maybe just hearing about the work that we're doing, feel free to donate. Any amount helps, really truly, we really appreciate it."

    She mentioned they are included as a donation option on the PFD's Pick, Click, Give.

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