Carlos Boozer, Coach Houston, dignitaries celebrate Crimson Bears state championship

    The Juneau Douglas Crimson Bears State Championship Celebration Banquet was Tuesday night.

    Posted Friday, May 13th, 2016 7:36am by Lori James

    The Juneau Douglas Crimson Bears State Championship Celebration Banquet was Tuesday night.

    KINY sports announcer, Mike Clasby, interviewed the Coach of the Year, Robert Casperson:

    "It was a celebration fitting for champions. It truly was. We were humbled and honoured that local dignitaries, our legislative branch, the governor was here, and Carlos Boozer came back. Everything that happened tonight just really wrapped up this season and put a nice little bow on it. We're very thankful for how that went and now it's time to look forward to next year."

    Mike also caught up with special guest speaker, former Los Angeles Laker and Crimson Bear basketball player, Carlos Boozer:

    "So proud of these guys! They made all of us proud, all us Crimson Bears. I'm from here and it's great to be back here. As soon as they told me that they won, I called coach Houston and Rob Casperson and I made plans to be here for the banquet. It is a big deal. We're a small town here and small community, but we're a community. Whether it's football, baseball, basketball, or track - it could be a play at the school - no matter what it is going on here in Juneau, the whole community comes out to support. At the age of thirty-four, us old guys get to be proud of these guys. They're carrying on a legacy that dated before them, dated before me, and dated before a lot of people. To watch them come together and play the way that they played, they made all of us so proud. That's something no one can ever take away from them. I've done a lot of things in my career, as far as basketball is concerned, but I still look at my two state championship rings and every time I come back here I walk in the gym, just like coach Casperson said, and look at the banners that we won together as a team. I proud of that because at the end of the day I played with so many awesome players."

    Mayor Ken Koelsch commented on Boozer and the current winning team:

    "I think it's very impressive that our guest speaker is still here talking to the kids. That says a lot about his commitment to Juneau. It's 18 years but it's good to bring that pride back to Juneau and this team in particular was really interesting. They were called the heart attack kids those first two games up in Anchorage, but the third game was just pure class. Everybody contributed and everybody was a part of that teamwork."

    Former coach George Houston also attended the celebration banquet for the Crimson Bears. Houston coached Casperson as a senior and Boozer as a freshman:

    "We did two [championships] back to back in '97 and '98. It was great that Carlos could take the time to come up and spend some time with these kids. It's always great to have him back. As great a player as he was, he's an even better person."

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