Buffalo shot illegally

    Shageluk, Alaska (KINY) The Alaska Fish and Game examination of a dead wood bison who had been reported sick turned up a bullet in its digestive tract.

    The ADF&G are treating it as an illegal death.  The cow had been in the village for several days and residents reported it appeared to be injured or sick.  It died on March 30th.  When residents salvaged the edible meat they noted trauma to the digestive tract of the animal and recovered a bullet.  It appears the bison was shot with a medium caliber pistol round.

    The state introduced 130 bison to the Shageluk area in 2015.  There is no hunting allowed of the herd.  This incident is the third time a bison from the herd has been shot illegally.

    Wood bison restoration could result in many benefits to Alaska’s people, including providing an additional source of food, along with supporting businesses for hunting and tourism. There are also benefits to the ecological health of Alaska’s landscape by restoring a key grazing animal to the ecosystem. Alaska’s effort to restore wood bison is an important part of the long-term survival and conservation of the species.   

    Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Alaska Wildlife Troopers at (907) 524-3222 or the Alaska Fish and Wildlife Safeguard at 1-800-478-3377..  Reports are anonymous and can result in cash rewards.


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