BSA increase still possible

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Juneau State rep. Justin Parrish is not giving up on an $100 increase per student in education funding this year.

    Rep. Parrish this week voted in favor of the house education bill that currently means no increase this year, "I was real glad to get it past.  I think making sure we are at least at flat funding was important.   Having that secured gives people more freedom to advocate for increases.  I do think we need increases to keep up with inflation.

    Rep. Parrish said he is still working on a couple of Juneau priorities as the session comes to a close, "We have a bunch of deferred maintenance projects.  I hope to get some of those done in state facilities and the University.  I think if people can send in their thoughts to Senate Finance and Education about the increase to school funding, I think that would be really helpful."

    Rep. Justin Parrish said an increase in education funding is still possible this year, "HB 339, was in front of the Senate Education today.  It received overwhelming public support.  It never hurts to get more people calling up and getting their friends around the state to do the same."

    The Senate Education committee took a short period of public comment on the increase in student funding of 100 dollars per student

    Noah Williams, a student at Juneau Douglas, said the money is well invested, "You can't buy cheap tools and expect them not to fail.  You also can't buy cheap schools and expect us not to fail.  The increase to the Base Student Allocation is necessary.  Flat funding is actually a cut."

    Williams said schools need to emphasis computer science more

    Former teacher in Angoon and at Thunder Mountain High school Gene Randall says there are success stories in Alaska education despite some recent news, "Recently we had bad news about Alaska students overall and some of their scores being low.  We also have had success.  In 2016, in my program at Thunder Mountain I helped a team of para educators support our students with our greatest needs.  That team had unprecedented success."

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