Brown bear causes problems in Angoon

    Photo credit to Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

    Angoon, Alaska (KINY) - The Village Public Safety Officer was forced to kill the bear overnight when it tried to enter an apartment on Xootz Street.

    Mayor Joshua Bowen said the community has had a lot of incidents in the community with this bear, "Going around scaring everyone, popping up out of bushes and he managed to tear up a couple of sheds trying to get garbage."

    Alaska Wildlife Troopers were scheduled to hunt the bear tonight but the bear jumped the gun by trying to enter the apartment.

    He was shot once, walked about 20 feet, and died in the nearby brush.

    "Everyone was pretty scared.  Kids didn't play outside and were stuck in the house playing video games.  Hope we can get the kids back outside playing like they should be."

    Mayor Bowen said placing bleach on sheds is one way to deter bears.  Another tip is not to put out the garbage cans early.

    The bear had been spotted in the community for a couple of weeks.

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