Bison attack nearly kills hunter

    Yukon, Alaska (KINY) A Whitehorse man said he is lucky to be alive after a bison he was stalking turned the tables.

    The Whitehorse Daily Star reports Todd Pilgrim is recovering from injuries from the first ever recorded bison attack in the territory.  On November 7th he went hunting with a friend near the Twin Lakes campground on Little Salmon-Carmacks First Nation land.  He spotted a bison at the end of an abandoned airstrip and fired three shots, one of which struck the bison.  He followed the bison for about an hour until he found a place where the animal had lied down.  A split second later the bull charged him from the side striking him in the head and body and knocked him unconscious.  After a struggle he was able to free himself and run behind a tree to screen himself from the bison.  Eventually he was able to get off a shot and was able to kill the animal.

    He was taken by ambulance to the Carmacks Health Center for treatment of a head wound, a concussion , neck and back injuries and a torn ACL.




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