Bethel man Fined for Facebook Post Advertising Moose Meat

    BETHEL, Alaska (AP) — A Bethel man has been fined $100 for advertising the sale of moose meat on Facebook, an action illegal under Alaska law.

    Arnold Lupie, 36, did not appear for his court hearing this week in Bethel, but Alaska Wildlife Trooper Walter Blajeski recommended the fine amount that was accepted by the court, KYUK-AM reported.

    Blajeski cited Lupie last month after seeing the Facebook post that advertised bags of moose ribs for $25 each. Blajeski had contacted Lupie, who said he had posted the ad but had not sold any of the meat, he told the court. Selling the meat could have led to a misdemeanor charge.

    "He made admissions that he did it," Blajeski told the court. "However, he made admissions that he wasn't necessarily aware of the regulation when he did it."

    Lupie did not respond to KYUK's message requesting comment. He previously said that he didn't know the sale of big game meat was illegal.

    Posts advertising sales of subsistence foods are often present on a community Facebook page for the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta area. Selling is illegal, but the bartering of many subsistence meats is allowed.

    Troopers are not patrolling Facebook, but illegal activity observed will be investigated, Blajeski said. He is investigating another post that advertised big game meat.

    "The troopers that I know of and myself aren't trolling Facebook looking for cases to develop," Blajeski said. "But when one gets brought to our attention, we're going to investigate it like any other violation or criminal offense."

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