Begich predicts Governors race

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Mark Begich predicted none of the three candidates for Governor will capture 40-percent of the vote.

    Begich is currently running second in the polls with 29-percent.  Nonetheless, he said he feels he is well positioned to win the race.

    "I think whoever gets to 38-percent or so will win this race.  That is where victory will be done."

    He told a crowd in Juneau that voters have a choice between the past and the future, "People have to vote for whether they want to go back to the past. That individual (Mike Dunleavy) isn't here. He doesn't show up for events because he doesn't want to debate the issues and doesn't want to talk about the future of this great state."

    Begich has been criticized by some Democrats and independents for running in the race because they predict he will split the vote with incumbent Governor Bill Walker and elect Dunleavy.

    Incumbent Bill Walker said  Dunleavy is disrespecting Alaskans by not showing up at several forums, which included a Native Issues Forum in Juneau, "I think this is incredibly disrespectful to everyone here today that he didn't even do a video. Neither he or his Lt. Governor could give the courtesy of attending today.  I'm embarrassed as an Alaskan that we have somebody running for this office who will not show up in this room."

    Little known third party candidate Billy Toien said he is not concerned about the vote predictions or splitting the vote, "I'm willing to step up the plate. I'll accept your vote. Throw your vote away by voting for me and together we will make this state a great place."

    Dunleavy was holding meetings and campaigning in Anchorage. He recently picked up the endorsement of the National Rifle Association and from former Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell.






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