Begich and Dunleavy refer to Walker decision in AFN debate

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Governor Walker made his surprise announcement just before a gubernatorial debate at the Alaska Federation of Natives in which he was originally scheduled to participate.

    During the debate Democrat Mark Begich mentioned the Governor's announcement in his opening statement.  "I do want to acknowledge the amazing, courageous action that the Governor did."  When Begich said Walker was about Alaska, his comments were interrupted by applause.  He continued afterwards by saying, "I can't remember which leader said it, but being courageous like that is far and few in politics of today."

    Republican Mike Dunleavy talked about the possibility of more surprises prior to election day.  "Look forward to your vote on November 6 and there is only 18 days left so don't be surprised if there's more surprises along the way."

    There was an acerbic response from the Dunleavy campaign office.  Campaign Manager Brett Huber said in a release, "Governor Walker could have chosen a dignified, graceful exit to his campaign.  Instead he opted to bow out with a bitter, partisan attack on Mike Dunleavy.  It's too bad.  Alaskans deserve better."


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