Bartlett Regional Hospital poised to begin remodeling operating rooms

    Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau is poised to begin a project to remodel its operating rooms.

    Posted Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 11:00am by Colt Dylan

    Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau is poised to begin a project to remodel its operating rooms.

    Hospital CEO Chuck Bill talked about that on Action Line this week, "It's a multiple stage process. Right now we're redoing all of the air handling and that sort of thing to have that ready for summer and then we'll enter into a year plus project to completely remodel the operating rooms improving flows, productivity, and really making them work better for the care we're providing now as opposed to when they were built. We're excited about getting that underway and have actually selected an architect after a request for proposal process we went through with the city and they are underway with the design as we speak. I think it's going to take about a year and a half and some of that depends on how the staging works because obviously we can't shut the OR down and just go in and empty it. We've got to find ways to maintain the ability to take care of our surgical needs in the meantime as well. I anticipate they will be bringing in some modular units to put up on a temporary basis while we do the major remodel."

    The tourist destination status of Alaska's capital city may bring an influx of people every summer, but injuries and illness don't take vacations.

    While guest on Action Line, Hospital CEO Chuck Bill spoke with program host Pete Carran about the impact tourism has on Juneau's hospital, "We see an increase in our ER by about 20% during the summer months. That's not all cruise passengers because there's lots of other stuff that's seasonal around here too. We do staff up the ER, we do add a liaison position in the ER with the cruise industry, and really work hard at making sure we've got the ability to take care of their passengers, many of whom are foreign so we end up having some interesting challenges with billing and that sort of thing."

    Bartlett Regional Hospital CEO Chuck Bill commenting on Action Line.

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