Beware BaconFest ticket scalpers online

    Scalpers are trying to make money from a charity event set for March.

    Dan Dawson, President of the Glacier Valley Rotary Club, is disappointed that scalping of the extremely popular BaconFest event, is occurring. 

    Tickets for this year's event, which will be held March 7, went on sale Valentines Day and sold out within hours.

    "We were delighted that the fun event is so popular that the tickets sold out so quickly but we were alarmed and disappointed to find out today that scalping activity has already started on social media of an event that is designed to assist charity," Dawson said.

    Dawson went on to caution people trying to buy scalped tickets.

    "The scalpers are illegally using the Glacier Valley Rotary Club BaconFest logo and offering the tickets for $55 more than they paid for them only 24 hours ago."

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