AYEA initiative calls for sustainable to-go packaging in Juneau

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - A youth environmental group is working on an initiative in Juneau encouraging sustainable takeout to-go containers.

    The aim is to reduce waste. Cecilia Wheeler and Adara Allen, members of Alaska Youth for Environmental Action, or AYEA, spoke on Action Line about their efforts.

    "We're working on encouraging sustainable takeout and to-go containers from the increase of takeout use from the pandemic," Allen said. "There was a big uptick in takeout, and so we want to make sure that those containers are sustainable."

    They said a number of businesses in Juneau already have sustainable packaging.

    "Good sustainable containers that are mostly like cardboard that break down and there's a bunch of other businesses, and we've been talking with some business owners to try and get them to make the switch," Wheeler said. "Switch over to recyclable and compostable, so it doesn't have to be cardboard, but it needs to break down safely for our environment."

    Wheeler said of next steps;

    "We have been in the talk with some assembly members about moving forward and having larger steps on this issue instead of just talking to a few businesses having it be available for more businesses, and so that's really the next step reaching out and getting that on a larger level because that's what really makes change," she said. "I mean, it is great when every person or when you take the initiative to recycle yourself, but really having larger level policies really helps with that."

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