Avoid frozen pipes this winter

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) City and Borough of Juneau officials want to help you avoid waking up to frozen pipes this year.

    The City put out an advisory to help residents from the chronic problem caused by cold temperatures.  The city and Borough recommends you leave a pencil thin trickle of water running in the sink to keep water circulating, ensure crawl space vents are closed, ensure pipes are properly insulated, ensure heat tapes are plugged in an functional, turn off hose bibs, disconnect any hoes and ensure they are property insulated.  Another tip is keep closet and cabinet doors open to expose pipes to warmer temperatures when possible.

    CBJ also reminds residents to call a plumber or a contractor if they have frozen pipes as city workers do not have the ability to thaw frozen water pipes.

    During regular hours you can call (907) 586-0393 for emergency water shutoffs.  After hours you are asked to call (907) 586-2165.

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