Avalanche and landslide activity in the Basin Road area

    (Photo Credit: CBJ)

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Recent avalanche and landslide activity in the Basin Road and Perseverance Trailhead area has blocked both Perseverance access trails and portions of Basin Road.

    Emergency Programs Manager Tom Mattice provided an update to News of the North.

    "We've had a unique series of events over the last week containing multiple avalanches and landslides, we actually had an avalanche come down on the flume trail as well as an avalanche come down up what we call the sunshine avalanche path, that cross perseverance trail and came down and also cross basin road. And then as you go further up perseverance trail, we had a landslide that basically started at the perseverance trail and came down the hill to the parking lot where the old mine audit is and took out the old mine audit and buried the trail and took out the trail across the top. So we've got some snow hanging on the upper bank there and a pretty precarious section through the trail there and things have been posted that it still remains hazardous and unstable," he said.

    Mattice says conditions have made an avalanche and landslide possible.

    "We're going to go back into some moisture here over the next 24 to 48 hours. So at low elevations that comes out as rain, at upper elevations that comes in and snow, and that's kind of what happened here," he said. "The avalanche that came down onto perseverance trail came from very high on the mountain, as where this landslide started down in the rain zone. So we're getting a mixed bag of events right now with the freezing levels at mid-mountain."

    The city needs to perform major maintenance work but is unable to safely do so until the snow melts and an evaluation of the slides can be made.


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