Auke Bay fire caused by space heater

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) A construction trailer and office suffers extensive damage in fire late Thursday

    Capitol City Fire Rescue said the structure fire was near University.Drive.

    Fire Marshall Dan Jager said the 40 foot construction trailer had been converted into an office and equipment shed.  Two caretakers on site found the fire and dialed 911.  "They opened the door to get something, saw the glow from the fire and closed the door quickly."

    About 20 paid and volunteer firemen battled the blaze in temperatures that dipped below 20 degrees.  There were no reports of any injuries.  The estimate of damage was placed between $10,000 and $15,000.

    Firemen didn't see flames as they approached the blaze, "They could definitely see smoke coming out of the cracks and the openings.  Once we opened the large doors we saw the bulk of the fire."

    The preliminary cause of the fire was a space heater.  Jager said these heaters should only be used in places that are occupied so they can be closely monitored.  "You should treat them like an open flame.  Some have tip over features where they shut off but you need to make sure they are kept away from drapes, clothing, bedding, anything flammable.

    Firemen were on the scene for several hours.  They left the scene at 12:30 am.




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