Assemblymember Woll explaines her no vote for Gondola on Action Line

    Christine Woll

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The vote to approve the controversial gondola purchase at this week's Juneau Assembly meeting was a narrow 5-4.

    One of the no votes was Christine Woll, who explained her vote on Action Line.

    "Thinking about summer operations to help with that sustainability is a really good idea, and I support the vision, I just think with this gondola project there are a lot of details that hadn't been figured out yet," she said. "We don't quite know the full cost of the project. There's a lot of uncertainty, and so I voted no because I wanted to make sure that we had thought through all those options first before spending that kind of money, but now that that decision has been made, I'm definitely committed to helping make sure that that project meet meets the goals that have been identified to help with Eaglecrest sustainability in the future. "

    Eaglecrest General manager Dave Scanlan said the $2 million gets the aerial lift to the parking lot, but Woll said that from there, she would like more details.

    "We voted to buy it and you know, potentially could decide to resell it while it still sits in Europe if we can't figure out some of the key pieces that we need to really I think the full cost of the project. You don't want to just have a gondola that's sitting in a parking lot, we want it to put it to use if we own it, and so those are the details that need to be figured out. How is that being paid for? Can we recoup those costs with the increased revenue? that's the work that needs to be done still in greater detail."

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