Assembly to discuss canceling annual fireworks display

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Assembly will discuss the possibility of canceling the 4th of July fireworks display during its regular meeting Monday

    City Manager Rorie Watt was asked about that on Action Line.   "If we're going to do fireworks they've got to be ordered  There's nothing wrong with the fireworks in and of themselves, but then it becomes, is that a good thing for the public to do, will the public behave.  If we cancel it, what happens and is what happens worse, so we're going to have that discussion with the Assembly."

    Watt added that they have to figure out is what's the best path forward for the community and it has to be one that the public buys in to and they'll comply within a reasonable manner.

    Watt and the Assembly are looking for ways to reduce spending given the tight budget environment.  We asked how much could be saved by canceling the display.  "I think the Assembly annually gives a grant to that committee of about $30,000," Watt said.  He added though, "You've got to balance that with a little hope and joy in people's hearts, a little patriotism, those are good things."


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