Assembly to deal with arts campus construction contamination after local election

    City and Borough of Juneau Manager Rorie Watt

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - CBJ Manager Rorie Watt was asked on Action Line about the request from the Sealaska Heritage Institute for $1.5 Million in city funds to address a contamination problem at the site of its art campus.

    "It looks like it's from old gas stations.  Back in the day, I think we had two different gas stations at two different times down there at the corner of Main and Front," he said. Watt added Every time anybody digs up an old gas station site that's what you find."

    Watt said the Assembly will pick up the SHI request after the local election.

    A  public hearing would come November 23 after the appropriation ordinance is introduced at the October 26 Assembly meeting.

    Construction on the arts campus is underway where the Sealaska parking lot was located.



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