Assembly Finance Committee Working Through Budget Process

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - Despite sunny skies and Spring air, the Assembly Finance Committee set to work on budgets from Docks & Harbors, the Juneau International Airport, the Juneau Community Foundation, and other various projects being done in the city.

    The budgets of the Docks & Harbors and the Juneau Airport were recommended to be adopted. Those budgets will now go to a public commentary period and then full adoption in late May with the Assembly.

    We talked to CBJ Finance Director Bob Bartholomew about some of the aspects of Juneau's economy.

    We asked first where opportunities lie for establishments like the airport or Docks & Harbors.

    “I think what we saw in both Enterprise budgets was slow growth in activity, so the activity is increasing and they're having to adjust their budgets to work with those changes and we're fortunate in that the revenue increases are covering their cost. In the case of Docks & Harbors they are able to contribute some of their revenues towards capital projects.”

    Due to Alaska's recession, how much of that actually affects the City of Juneau?

    “Right now we do see what some people are calling a jobs recession, so there are slightly less jobs and there were a year ago, but overall economic activity as measured by our revenues, by the activities were seeing at the Enterprise funds, the airport, Docks & Harbors, the hospital, those activities are not declining. We're saying that we're stable, but we still see some risks to the downside, but we are pleasantly content with the stability that we’re seeing.”

    It was also brought up by Assembly member Norton Gregory to consider working in $250k for Eaglecrest's snow machine needs with the hopes to allow the ski resort flexibility in unfavorable weather scenarios. That item was put on the pending list.



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