Assembly COW to deal with several items

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Several meaty matters are on the agenda of the Assembly Committee of the Whole agenda Monday evening.

    One agenda item is labeled Recycle Works which deals with the local government's hazardous waste, junk vehicle, and recycling programs, according to City Manager Rorie Watt on Action Line Friday.

    He said the programs are paid for by a four dollar monthly fee that shows up on utility bills.  "It cost money to get junk out of town whether that's recycled stuff or your hazardous waste, so we're going to be talking about that balance of the size of the fee and the scope of the service we provide."

    The proposal calls for increasing the fee over several years to eight dollars.  Watt figures the Assembly  could act on the fee proposal within six months time.

    There's a related issue the Assembly will deal with that involves the proposed consolidation of recycling and hazardous waste operations and where it would be located.    Watt said there's a potential deal with Alaskan Brewing to allow it to expand on property currently occupied by the city. Watt said the timing for the consolidation is more long range.

    Future governance of the swimming pools is  on the agenda.  The panel  was created by the Assembly following voter approval of the charter amendment to provide some empowerment to a pools board.  The current board was approved with a sunset clause which occurs next summer.  "The pool board has been trying to do the work for the Assembly to help guide them on the next steps and they want to look at different models for how the pools should be managed,"  Watt said.

    Options include taking no action; extending the term of the existing board; creating a more fully empowered board; or contracting with an outside entity to manage the pools.

    The Lemon Creek Neighborhood forwarded to the Assembly from the Planning Commission is before the body.  Watt said the Assembly could adopt the plan or modify it.  "It does not appear to be controversial, so my guess is they'll adopt it," according to Watt.

    An alternative proposal for stabilization of the Mendenhall River bank from property owners along Meander Way will be presented to the committee.  "What they're proposing is that the city take a bigger share of the issue."  The current proposal calls for each property owner to be assessed $80,000.  The proposal submitted to the city by owners reduces the assessment to $40,000.  Watt said the proposal would result in the city picking over a million dollars of the tab.

    The panel will also receive an update on the Juneau Economic Development Plan.

    The Assembly Committee of the Whole meeting is scheduled to convene at 6 p.m. in Assembly Chambers at City Hall.


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