Another brown bear killed by authorities in Sitka

    Sitka, Alaska (KINY) A dispatch from Alaska State Troopers recounts another incident involving a brown bear in Sitka.

    The Sitka Post received a report from the police department there on Tuesday that a homeowner on Sawmill Creek Road had shot a brown bear twice as it was chasing a dog  through his yard just before dock.  The homeowner reported that the dog was not injured.

    Troopers responded and determined no attractants were present at the residence to keep the bear in the area.

    It was determined that the bear had been mortally wounded by the homeowner who continued to search for the bear on Wednesday without success.  Troopers assisted in the search later in the day and found the wounded bear in a thickly forested area behind the home and put down.

    The male was approximately 5 years old  It weighed 350 pounds and lacked body fat, according to the dispatch.

    Another brown bear was killed by an Alaska Wildlife Trooper last Friday after he partially ate a dog.


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