Anchorage Shooting Results in Death of Wanted Felon

    Anchorage, AK (KENI) - Radio Keni reports that a shoot-out with Anchorage Police on Wednesday night left a wanted felon dead.

    Officers with the investigation support unit served an arrest warrant late Wednesday night on Thomas Barclay. APD Chief Justin Doll says they cornered his vehicle outside of the Muldoon Fred Meyer store.

    "Barclay attempted to elude officers, but they were able to pin his vehicle in on all four sides. Barclay was attempting to break free from the pin by maneuvering his vehicle back and forth, when officers fired one less-lethal round through the back window of his car. The officers wanted to break the back window out to create a safe exit for Barclay and for him to be able to follow the direction of the police officers "

    Doll says Barclay drew a gun and three officers shot and killed him. Police believe Barclay may have gotten off two shots, but that is under investigation.

    The officers are on administrative leave while the state office of special prosecutions reviews the use of deadly force.

    Doll says the ISU had been trying for a week to bring Barclay in for Assault, Driving with a Revoked License, and Violating Conditions of Release.

    This is the first fatal shooting involving Anchorage police in a year.


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