Anchorage continues moose count

    Anchorage, Alaska (KINY) The Alaska Department of Fish and Game tried something new in efforts to get an accurate count of the moose population.

    It is no longer legal to use low flying aircraft to count the moose in Anchorage.  Instead the ADFG used the public to count the moose.  Every time a resident spotted a moose they were asked to text the department.  They then rushed to the scene with dart guns, shot the moose, and took a DNA sample.

    The DNA will help researchers determine the ratio between bulls and cows.  It will also allow them to identify individual moose.

    Moose populations have been growing as there are no natural predators in the Anchorage area like wolves or bears.  Hunting is also prohibited in a large part of the city limits.

    The department reported 510 text messages about moose during a three day period last month.


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