Alaska's population among the youngest of all 50 states

    JUNEAU, Alaska (KINY) - Alaska is one of the youngest states in the union, and the 49th state also has one of the youngest populations.

    The latest figures from the Census Bureau show the median age of Alaskans is at 33.9 years, tied with the District of Columbia. Only Utah has a lower median age, at 30.8 years.

    The nationwide median is 37.9 years old, up from 35.3 in 2000.

    Peter Borsella with the U.S. Census Bureau says there are a number of factors that go into shifting the median age up or down.

    "Things that can alter the median age are changes in the age structure on either side of it. At the oldest ages, things like death or people growing older can affect that. On the younger side, people getting born and migration play a large role in that."

    The states with the oldest populations are all in New England. Maine has the highest median at 44.6 years, followed by New Hampshire and Vermont.

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