Alaska National Weather Service wraps up summer report, gives upcoming forecast

    Sunday's atomospheric river event. (Photo courtesy of NWSJuneau Facebook)

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Alaska National Weather Service detailed a summer weather report and said what Juneau can expect this first week of fall.

    Nathan Compton, a meteorologist with the Alaska National Weather Service, said what Juneau can expect starting Sunday.

    "We're looking at an atmospheric event coming in Sunday night going into Monday. The bulk of the rain is looking to be towards the Monday to Monday night area. We're looking at a grand total four-day event. It's going to start down in the southern Panhandle Saturday and kind of move its way up into the Juneau area come Sunday."

    Compton gave an update on the atmospheric event Sunday evening, saying the expectation of 6-7 inches of rain went down to 3-4.

    "It is starting to rain here in Juneau. It is starting to move over the Juneau area. As of right now, we are looking at somewhat trending down in terms of rain because we're looking at the plume of moisture. It's somewhat wavering going back and forth as it hits the Juneau area going forward. So we'll be seeing periods of heavy rain and then we'll kind of hit a lull and then go back to periods of heavy rain. And it's just going to be looking like that over the next couple of days through Wednesday. We're looking at three to four inches of rain in the Juneau area now."

    Compton said what to expect after Wednesday.

    "After Wednesday we're going to be seeing somewhat of a lull period before there's going to be a new system that moves in towards the end of the week. At this point, it's not looking as strong but we probably will see a good deal of rain."

    Compton also summarized this summer's weather trends as compared to previous years.

    "So this summer was a little bit of a warm one when it comes to temperatures. Towards the beginning of the official summer period, it was much warmer than usual. We broke two records in late June to early July period, and then it kind of trended downward for more of a normal summer until just towards the ends and the August period where we bumped up a little bit about normal. As for precipitation, we were running just about normal to what's usual for the Juneau area. We were trending upwards in terms of precipitation towards the end, but overall we're almost exactly where normal is for Juneau."

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