Alaska delegation support syrian missile strikes

    Washington, DC (KINY) U.S Senators Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski and Congressman Don Young released statements that supported the US missile strikes on Syrian military targets.

    Sullivan said the precision military strikes in partnership with Britain and France, sent a clear and concise message to the Assad regime.  "The use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated.  This response against Syria's chemical weapons infrastructure was both measured and warranted, and a necessary step to deter future chemical weapons attacks, whether against innocent men, women and children or our troops deployed in the Middle East."

    Sullivan is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.  He also offered his prayers to the men and women in uniform that are conducting the operations. 

    Sullivan vowed to work with NATO partners, Arab and Israel allies to develop a comprehensive and sustainable strategy to improve national security interests in Syria and the Middle East.

    Congressman Young called the chemical attacks on Syrian citizens last week despicable, "It was a clear violation of international law." He said he fully supported the response by the Trump Administration.  "They were swift and decisive decisions to hold Assad accountable."

    US Senator Lisa Murkowski said she also supported the decision and called it 'strong, proportionate action'. 

    "We as a nation can not stand idle while innocent civilians are killed with these terrible chemical weapons," she added.

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