Alaska changes the way moose are counted

    Anchorage, Alaska (KINY) An annual census of the moose population in Anchorage will soon be underway.

    The Alaska Department of Fish and Game will get the public's help as they count urban moose in the Anchorage bowl in a full scale count scheduled for February 23 through February 25.

    The urban counting method plan was approved last year.  The Department had determined it was impractical to do aerial counts because of flight restrictions in a busy metropolitan area.

    The reports will include the number of moose, plus the time and location they were spotted.  The department will then search for the moose, shoot them with special dart guns to knock them out and extract DNA they can use for studies.

    There have been complaints about too many moose in Anchorage.  A small dog made news when it was badly injured by a moose during an encounter in the dogs back yard.

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