Alaska airports to have tougher security screening

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KINY) Thanksgiving travelers will find new screening procedures put in place for carry-on baggage at Alaska's largest airports.

    The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said passengers will now be required to place all electronics larger than a cell phone in x-ray bins.  Prior to this, only laptops were required to be placed alone in these bins.

    Juneau International Airport already implemented the new security procedures.  Fairbanks and Anchorage also have now initiated the new procedure.

    Every airport in the state is expected to follow suit in the next month.  The Department of Homeland Security required the new procedures at every airport in the nation and all are expected to comply by spring, 2018.

    Liquids, aerosol cans, and gels that weigh less than 3.4 ounces are still permitted if they are inside bags.  They also must be placed in bins for individual screening.

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