Airport with big plans

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Comments were accepted on the Juneau International Airport Sustainability Master Plan.

    Airport Manager Patty Wahto provided this update on negotiations with Uber and Lyft in Juneau, "We have been talking with them.  We have agreements ready to sign with them.  There has been some service, but not in large amounts.  I don't know how many they have hired in the community or the extend of service they want to provide."

    It has been a busy time at the Juneau International Airport.  Projects underway include a $1.2 million dollar boarding bridge, a just
    completed snow removal equipment building and $10 million in planned apron improvements.  Lighting and ramps are being constructed.

    Wahto said there was a long dry spell without capital projects due to a lengthy environmental impact study.

    Carver Construction of Juneau was the low bidder on the airport boarding bridge at $1.2 million.  Wahto said that helps the local economy, "Every time that we have these projects going on, you generate work force, it also improves the airport.  We have an extra boarding bridge which is a win win for everybody."

    Wahto said the airport continues to have a strong economic impact on the community, "When we do an economic study, its a look at what jobs are out there.  In 2000, the last time we did a study, we had a $41 million annual impact, the 2014 study showed the economic impact was $174 million annually."

    Airport manager Patty Wahto said the number of plane passengers increased by 7 percent in Juneau last year.  She said a number of projects listed in the sustainability master plan will depend upon money being provided by the Federal Aviation Administration.  This month the City and Borough invited public comments on the sustainability master plan.

    ]Plans for the airfield in the plan include rehabilitate taxiway A, for the terminal, reconstruction of the north terminal, a parking garage, and an apron rehabilitation.  The estimated costs is nearly $270 million for airport improvements.

     Labor income from workers at the airport were over $67 million.  The airport created over 1,000 jobs in the economy in 2014.



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