Airline employees complain about risks from virus

    Washington, DC (ABC) - In the age of COVID-19, most of us have plenty of space to create a six-foot barrier around ourselves but people who fly for a living don't have the luxury of elbow room.

    Two of the nation's biggest airlines, American and Southwest, have a combined 700 employees testing positive for coronavirus.

    Lyn Montgomery heads the union that represents Southwest Airlines flight attendants and is pushing for maintenance changes to reduce the risk of infection.

    Right now, the carrier disinfects its aircraft overnight.

    Montgomery said more cleaning and precautions could be taken, "There's no reason why planes can't be cleaned on the ground, especially if they're going to be on the ground for 50 minutes or more."

    She also wants flight attendants to be able to sit on the front passenger row since jump seats don't allow for proper social distancing.

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