Aftershock quakes continue

    Kodiak, Alaska (KINY) Experts said close to 20 aftershock quakes per day are being recorded in the area of the large earthquake that caused a Tsunami warning in January.

    Nearly 3,000 aftershocks of 2.5 magnitude or above have been recorded since January 23.  The vast majority have been southeast of Kodiak Island.

    The Kodiak Daily Mirror said Natalia Ruppert, a seismologist at the University of Alaska, said aftershocks are expected to occur for months or even years.

    Only 20 quakes were reported for the entire period of 2017 in this area.

    The vast majority of the aftershocks were not severe enough to be felt.  Experts expect the aftershocks to diminish to one per day by next year.

    The January earthquake measured 7.9 magnitude.  It matched one record in November of 1987.


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