AEL&P pleased with picnic

    A great turnout for the AELP Community picnic

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) A community picnic at Cope Park was a huge success today.

    Alaska Electric Light and Power continue to celebrate 125 years in business.  Friday they hosted a lunch time picnic for the community as workers and staff mingled with the public.

    President Connie Hulbert said the company appreciates the support they get from the community.  In addition to good food, the residents were able to walk down to the first Gold Creek power house on the original site.

    "In 1893 Willis Thorpe, a local meat merchant, decided to build the hydro project to keep his meat chilled.  He formed AEL&P and had the power project running in 1894," she added.

    In 1973 the company moved onto bigger projects and eventually built diesel backups because we can't rely on any other entity to provide us power.  They have grown to have multiple hydro projects.

    The original project was a run of the river project which meant there was only electricity generated when the water in the river was running.  If the water froze, there was no power generated.  The company grew thanks to projects added by mining companies like the Salmon Creek project, which is over 100 years old.

    Residents were also able to see the award winning float AEL&P had in this year's July 4th parades.




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