Abortion bill filed in House

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - While other states are enacting sweeping restrictions on abortion, a bill in the Alaska legislature tries to do the same thing, while getting around the constitutional right to privacy.

    Wasilla Rep. David Eastman (R)  introduced House Bill 178 at the end of the regular legislative session.

    The bill is in limbo until the next session starts in January.

    The Bill defines a pre-born child as a resident of Alaska from the moment of conception, and therefore entitled to equal rights.

    The bill further states that the privacy clause in the state constitution can be implemented by the legislature, and therefore by law, the right can be limited to not include terminating a pregnancy.

    It classifies abortion as the murder of an unborn child along with the most serious crimes.

    The only exceptions would be to preserve the life of the mother or prevent serious impairment to her health.

    HB 178 has been referred to three committees but it is unlikely to get through the first, the Health and Social Services, where Democrats hold the majority 5-2.




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