49 states ease stay at home restrictions

    Washington, D.C. (ABC) - Some states saw a sharp increase in new cases of COVID-19 this weekend especially Texas which reported 700 new cases in the Amarillo area.

    Former Homeland Security adviser for President Trump, Tom Bossert warned Americans that we're not out of the woods with COVID-19 just yet, "This is just an end to the shelter in place rules.  We need to make sure we continue all the other rules."

    Those include hand washing and wearing masks in public.

    Bossert said outbreak numbers could lead to small flare-ups in any community. 

    "It is not going to result in a whole nationwide blanket shutdown this time.  This time it should be city by city looking for cases that aren't contained in nursing homes or small areas," he added.

    Bossert said the nation still doesn't have enough testing available.  He predicted a reduction of cases this summer with an increase in the fall.




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