14 walrus killed, charges filed

    Brevig Mission, Alaska (KINY) A group of fishermen left the carcasses to rot in 2016.

    Timmy Henry was charged with one count of wasteful subsistence taking of marine animals in US District Court in Fairbanks.  The heads of the walrus were removed in some cases and six calves were shot and killed.

    Henry, an Alaska native, could take walrus for subsistence hunting or to make art, as long is was not wasted.  The court riling said a substantial portion of harvestable remains were wasted.

    Four hunters were in the group in the illegal hunt May 7, 2016, on an ice floe west of Sledge Island.  Two of the hunters, William Kakoona and Bob Tocktoo were previously charged and were fined $2,280.

    The fourth hunter Edward Barr was charged in June and is awaiting a court hearing.


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