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    Welcome to Capital Chat! If you're looking to request a booking on the show, or leave a comment for the show, fill out the form below. Please read the frequently ask questions if you have never appeared on Capital Chat before. If you've already booked a spot on the show, and haven't heard back please submit one more form.


    ~ Frequently Asked Questions ~
    What time do guests need to arrive at the studio?
    The show starts at 8:35am, so we like to see all guests at the studio by 8:15am. That gives us time to "warm up" a little and get comfortable before airtime. The program runs until 9:00am -- with commercial breaks, we get about 20-minutes of actual "talk time."
    Who can appear on KINY's Capital Chat talk program?
    Virtually anyone or organization that would like to discuss a local issue or community event. We do conduct interviews via telephone if needed due to Covid-19, we ask you provide us your phone number so we can call guest(s) to make sure programs run on time. If you don't get a call, please call 586-1800 for the KINY Studio and 586-3630 for our main office line.
    Is there a charge for an appearance on Capital Chat?
    No. KINY provides this free and open forum for discussion of local issues and community events. An appearance on the program should not be considered "advertising," per se, and should be backed up with paid announcements. We have special two-for-one rates for non-profit, civic and community groups (click here). Remember, Capital Chat is a one-shot deal, and as much as we'd like to think so, not everyone is able to listen everyday. You'll be missing a share of our audience if you rely solely on Capital Chat to "advertise" your event on KINY.
    What if my organization purchases advertising elsewhere?
    As a general rule, we do not schedule interviews with for-profit businesses. Non-profit and community organizations are always welcome with the following caveat: if your organization buys advertising for its event in the local newspapers, on television, other radio stations or from any competing media, but not on KINY, please don't ask us to give you free airtime on Capital Chat. There is a common misconception that commercial radio stations are "public property" and are required to provide free airtime to community groups. Not so. While we diligently strive to offer public service time to local organizations, we are a business (like newspapers and other media), and shouldn't be left out of your paid advertising plans. All we ask is fair and equal treatment.
    For ad rates, please contact our Advertising Department at 586-1800 or visit our Advertising web page.
    How are dates chosen for the program?
    Capital Chat airs Monday through Friday. The schedule tends to fill up quickly, so we suggest booking your appearance at least six weeks in advance, though you may find an earlier opening. 
    Who is the contact for scheduling an appearance?
    Please send an email to Justin Miller
    Where is the KINY Studio?
    We are located at 3161 Channel Drive, Juneau, AK  99801. Across the highway from the Hospital, we're the building under the big radio towers.

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