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On March 13, 1995, KINY Radio became the first commercial business in Alaska to have a permanent Internet presence when our first web page went online -- it was the debut edition of the Juneau Newsminute, forerunner of the Juneau Daily News.  

Since our first page blinked onto the monochrome screens of those archaic computer monitors over 15 years ago, online technology and the KINY Internet presence have expanded tremendously. Our website has grown to what it is today, offering a wide range of features and services (most suggested by listeners): in-depth local, state and world news, audio newscasts, a weekly poll, a comprehensive weather station, webcams, a streaming media feed, information for travelers, local entertainment and recreation calendars, boating and fishing pages, a complete Internet research center, access to community groups and state agencies, an on-air program guide, air-staff profiles and direct feedback to our studios.


The KINY website!
What's your favorite part of the KINY website?
The 'Search and Research' area.
The streaming media feed.
The Weekly Poll Question.
The Juneau Daily News.
The Weather Station.
The 'PSA' form.
The Webcam page.
The Face Book link.

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Last Week's Poll Results



Petersburg Borough Proposal
Is Petersburg trying to get a bit big for its pants or should the State grant their Borough status request?
The State should grant their request. (19) 15%
The State should not grant their request. (37) 29%
Petersburg's idea that having that area as part of a new borough will economically help them is incorrect. (7) 5%
Petersburg's idea that having that area as part of a new borough will economically help them is correct. (3) 2%
I think they're literally and legally over reaching. (20) 16%
Wrangel and Petersburg should be one borough. (18) 14%
Petersburg's request should be grant, keeping Petersburg and Wrangel as two separate boroughs. (9) 7%
Other view suggestions (0) 0%

Total Votes: 128